Learning Opportunities, inStruments and Investigation Techniques to fight the growing phenomenon of missing people in Europe.

The Project

What is LOST?

LOST is a 2-year European innovative project dealing with the area of action of the response on disappearances, where different kind of professionals working on cases of missing children and adults would benefit from receiving specific training and support by technical operators & VET trainers. These kind of professionals could be members of law enforcement agencies, the police force, civil protection, representatives of voluntary associations or NGO, personnel of Public local such as social assistants, psychologists who provide support to families, health professionals & legal doctors and other professionals.

The Aim

  • Improve the competences of the trainers & technical operators in the crucial first investigation phase

  • Define a new core professional profile supporting any law enforcement agency in the research/investigation

  • Increase and improve social policies of local Public Institutions to support and protect families and in general their local communities from this phenomenon

  • Develop a new operative model that can be easily transferred in any EU country by using innovative and open ICT tools

  • Increase the awareness among social groups and communities of social society with the cooperation of Local Public Administrations

Our News
The Challenge
  • To modify the current operational model of conducting investigations in EU contexts by a transnational cooperation which will avoid false line of indications
  • To increase the performance rate in finding people by 50%
  • To define an innovative professional profile and effective tools based on good practices & lessons learnt which will improve the skills of the operators
  • To maximize the resources (human & financial) to be used in the activities & minimize the social costs (for families & State).
The Partners

The program is implemented by 8 partners from Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Belgium & Denmark. We represent VET providers and sectors which are affected by the missing people phenomenon!




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